Richard A Seaton, Sr.
Explaining the Enloe - Lincoln - Seaton connection

Written by Richard A. Seaton, Sr

My great-grandmother was Laura Barbara Enloe, the daughter of Wesley Enloe, and granddaughter of Abraham Enloe of Haywood County, NC.

When I was little, during the 1940’s, I remember family members alluding to a connection we had to President Abraham Lincoln. But these stories were quickly hushed up because proper families didn’t talk about things like that.

A number of years ago I did some genealogical research on the Enloe family and was greeted by “Oh, then you are related to Abraham Lincoln.” I received a wealth of information on that connection. I then consulted my sister, Virginia, who was nearly 20 years older than I. She affirmed the story as she remembered it as told by family. Here is that story:

About 1803, my great, great, great, grandfather, Abraham Enloe purchased the notes for an indentured servant – a young girl named Nancy Hanks. She was treated like one of the family. In 1806, Nancy Hanks became pregnant by Abraham Enloe. In 1807, she gave birth to a son and named him Abraham after his father (Abraham Enloe).

Needless to say, the presence of this child and mother did not please Mrs. Enloe, Abraham’s wife. Something needed to be done.

Abraham Enloe was a businessman with connections in several states. He entered into a contract with a young man named Tom Lincoln. Abraham paid Tom $500 to take Nancy and child to Kentucky as his wife. He also arranged to provide $50 monthly for support.

I saw a notarized statement from a neighbor that he saw Tom Lincoln and Nancy Hanks with the young boy between them. They were leaving for Kentucky on a wagon.

Sometime later, while Abraham Enloe was visiting in Kentucky, he had a fight with Tom Lincoln. Lincoln and family (wife Nancy and son Abraham) were living in a log cabin with a dirt floor. Enloe felt that with his monthly support they should be living under better conditions.

The story was suppressed because Abraham Lincoln (the son) would not have been elected President if it was known he was an illegitimate child. I now own several books from the late 1800’s that tell this same story.
Below are photos of Abraham Enloe’s sons: Wesley Enloe (mother unknown at this time) and Abraham Lincoln (mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln). Notice the resemblance in looks and stature.
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